Just Us And The Beat

Posted by veronica | Nov. 12, 2012

There's a rhythm to the colder months that the summer just doesn't possess. It's dark while you're still sitting at your office desk and light before you even make it to bed on the weekends. You feel the need to make the most of every moment, be more calculated in your actions, ensure that you're accomplishing...something.

San Francisco producer Dave Aju (Marc Barrite) captures the rhythm of fleeting time on his recent EP, Listen to Your Heartbeat, released in September on Matthew Herbert's label, Accidental. Spontaneity within structure marks the EP's three tracks, which each feature their own unique pattern of manipulation. Spanning from funky to woozy, Barrite's vocals play off measured jazz pacing, shuffling steadily with a destination in mind.

Stream Dave Aju's Listen to Your Heartbeat EP via SoundCloud or purchase digitally via iTunes.


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