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Posted by veronica | May 6, 2013

Nathan Broaddus, who records under the name Evenings, first came to my attention in 2010 with a collection of tracks titled North Dorm, which he self-released via Bandcamp. The songs were quiet, and pretty, reflective of the serene Virginia landscape in which they were recorded. This is about the time when Bandcamp hit popularity and it seemed like overnight everyone and their roommate was a budding bedroom producer with a free download link. Like a lot of what I listened to during that time, Evenings was discovered, enjoyed, then quickly forgotten.

Fast-forward to 2013, and Nathan Broaddus' release of Yore on Friends of Friends. His analog hiss is all grown up; laundered clean, and tucked neatly between watery, introspective tones. Yore is an honest album, and this is perhaps what I like best about it. While many young artists abandon their first dabblings, it's evident that Broaddus has spent time — a lot of time — building on the themes of his early work, and the result is a poignant album created with patience and appreciated with respect.

It's very satisfying to see an artist you initially dismissed turn around and release something great. It's a reminder that while we so often define ourselves — and each other — by our opinions, they are, for the most part, temporal. It feels good to be proven wrong.

Evenings' Yore is out now via FoF Music.


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