Feel It Taking Over

Posted by veronica | July 26, 2013

Every once in awhile there comes along an extra special song, able to wrap itself around your every moment, and form the perfect soundtrack for all of them. It's as though it was made just for you. "Taking Over", the title track off Joe Goddard's new EP is that song. A simple handclap backed by faded chatter sounds like time moving slowly on a rooftop with friends. The most glorious sunset guitar melody kicks in and the rhythm becomes one with your surroundings. As the percussionist and synth-player for Hot Chip, Goddard is known for his talent behind the knobs, not his voice. He features two vocalists on the EP (Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T. collaborator way back when, and English singer-songwriter Mara Carlyle) but it's his own voice on "Taking Over" — tender, soft, sitting beside you with an arm wrapped around — that stands out. Against a backdrop of cool, peddling synths you feel a personal connection with Goddard. There's an intimacy that lingers long after the last note; a desire to hit play again and again because he shared something first, and now it's your turn. Joe Goddard's Taking Over EP is out now on DFA.


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