Hot Or Not

Posted by veronica | Oct. 23, 2013

Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C and Ali Love transition their Hot Natured project to formal group status with a debut album that's surely leaving the cloaked dance music purists cursing around a minimalist table somewhere in Berlin. If you're expecting the slow-burning mysticism of Jamie Jones or the sheer variety of Lee Foss, look elsewhere. Different Sides Of The Sun mines the gaudy, retro side of the production spectrum with glittery nods to disco and early electro, and an overdose of pop songwriting with no shortage of cameo guests. At its best moments, Different Sides Of The Sun is anthemic. "Reverse Skydiving" featuring relatively unknown 19-year-old vocalist Anabel Englund is the kind of track that makes the Ibizian sky rain drugs and laughter at sunset. In its lesser moments, the album veers towards cheesy, but there's something endearing in its blatant indulgences — a pet project dared one step further. And so long as you don't take it too seriously, we'll all have a good time. 

Hot Natured's Different Sides Of The Sun is out now via Hot Creations and available on iTunes.




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