Keep Your Head Up

Posted by veronica | July 5, 2012

Slip on your worn out boots, grab daddy's fringed biker vest and prepare to kick up some cosmic dust on the dark side on the moon. Synthesizers in Space finds London (by way of Kansas) beatmaker Shawn Lee blending analog and digital sounds with an attention to atmosphere. It's an album brimming with history, that artfully avoids the trendy connotations of nostalgia. With a distinctly cinematic feel, Synthesizers in Space pedals at a leisurely pace through bossa nova, psychedelia, Afrobeat, glam and surf rock sounds all the while maintaining its footing in spacey electronic funk. It might take a second, maybe even third listen before it grips you. Be patient, Shawn Lee's in no rush.

Synthesizers in Space is out July 24 via ESL Music.


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