This Gentle Sting

Posted by veronica | Jan. 7, 2013

Rhye are two guys living in LA who make music that sounds like everything your life hasn't turned out to be. But instead of causing you to curl up in a ball of despair, their sophisticated, swaying pop has the opposite effect. Because really there are very few people who have it all by your age. Let's be honest, there's very few of us who will have it all, ever. From the sultry tongue of vocalist Mike Milosh to the subdued, smooth jazz and strings instrumentation, Rhye's debut album The Fall is a little too flawless; a pastiche of effortless luxury. Boutique hotels, gorgeous girls with messy hair, dinner parties that go all night — Rhye's music brings to mind a certain aesthetic. And so long as you are ok with all this going in Rhye are, well, perfect. Because we all need a reason to daydream, and an excuse to update our Pinterest with yet another pic from The Sartorialist archives. LIYL: black wood floors that your heels go click clack on, dim lights, Sade, making love not fucking, fine wine & expensive cheeses Rhye are signed to Innovative Leisure and their debut album The Fall is out March 5.


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