Very Large Green Triangles

Posted by veronica | Aug. 8, 2012

There's no simple way to introduce an act as complex as Matmos. The San Francisco duo's decade plus career has mined the conceptual, each release arriving with a backstory the depth of a dissertation. M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel assemble sounds into compositions that often feel more like a sonic art installation than an "album". Upcoming releases, The Ganzfeld Experiment EP and The Marriage of True Minds, employ parapsychology experiments conducted by Matmos to generate music. In "Very Large Green Triangles (Edit)" off The Ganzfeld Experiment EP, a riff sung by a test subject is manipulated into a melody reminiscent of Matthew Dear or Matias Aguayo. Hums pulse mechanically in a gothic cathedral, churning to an orchestrated peak, and then a pause, quiet, those four words — "very large green triangles" — emerge profoundly.

The Ganzfeld Experiment EP is out October 16 and The Marriage of True Minds early 2013, both via Thrill Jockey. More backstory on the projects here.


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