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Posted by veronica | June 12, 2013

I never can quite pin down whether Gold Panda's music makes me feel incredibly happy or achingly sad. For me, his music is an arc of extremes; so incredibly beautiful that I fail to interpret it by any means other than emotion. I find it difficult to write about how this track makes use of footwork rhythms or that track takes inspiration from the sounds of the Far East because, well, it just feels utterly irrelevant.

Gold Panda's new album Half Of Where You Live isn't as much a deviation from 2010's Lucky Shiner as it is a further immersion. Slight vocals, used sparingly, pack a punch, dragging you further down a hypnotic wormhole where visions of far-flung destinations skitter like ghosts in a dream. Maybe it's because I keep coming back to this album in the earliest hours of the morning, when my eyes haven't yet adjusted to the light, but I really don't know whether to rip my heart out with an xacto blade or run the streets wide-eyed, grinning and gasping for air. It's an album that makes you feel awake in the most wonderful, confusing way. Cloudy, with a chance of optimism.

Gold Panda's Half of Where You Live is out now via Ghostly.


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