We're All In Sound

Posted by veronica | May 22, 2012

Bullion (Nathan Jenkins, from London) has proven himself—if nothing else—an interesting musician. His catalog plays sonic hopscotch, bouncing between decades, tapping down for quick explorations before scuffing out the lines and starting over fresh at some other corner of the schoolyard. He's twisted the Beach Boys with Dilla (Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee), jumbled soulful samples and experimental beats (Young Heartache EP), dabbled in way out weird cinema funk (Magic Was Ruler 12'') and now tips his hat to jazz fusion with new EP, Love Me Oh Please Love Me. While it possesses the same wobbly, refusal to stay in one place that has become Jenkins' signature of sorts, his embrace of pop songwriting is unexpected and refreshing. A mix of smooth and funky retro sounds, single "It's All In Sound" is pure melody; upbeat, yet loose, trailing offscreen, the sax echo still audible from a distance.

Stream and purchase Bullion’s Love Me Oh Please Love Me via Bandcamp.


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