When I Watch You Stroke

Posted by veronica | April 27, 2012

There's sex on drugs, then there's sex on a lot of drugs. In moderation, sex on drugs is a euphoric combination, but in excess things start to get a lot weird. Snort, smoke, swallow, forget the ingredients of your cocktail, add another, then the floor drops out from under the bed, the mirrors shatter and you're fucked. In patterns of low thuds brushed with ambient vocal samples and keyboard plinks, producer Arca's Stretch 1 EP wobbles between pleasure and psychosis. Funk bent into the shape of a Slinky, rattling down a staircase as a martian grunts uh-uh-uhhh from behind. And my friends, it's free.

Also check out Arca's Baron Foyel mix for DIS Magazine.


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