You're All A Part Of The Basic Life Rhythm

Posted by veronica | May 16, 2012

Time moves slower outside these walls. From the office kitchen I watch the privileged sun and swim on the roof of the city's poshest health club. Their skin glistens from eleven stories high, perfectly tan. Past the towers the river sparkles. It's dark and cool, lapping in small waves against the side of a slowly moving barge. At the front of the barge two workmen sit with their legs hanging off the edge. To forget time is to know freedom. If you've yet to feel it, worry not, Ikons from Gothenburg will throw away all your clocks, quit your job for you, leave your life devastated and your mind at peace. Woven from silky fibers of psychedelic folk and hypnotic acid house, their sophomore release Life Rhythm crawls leisurely from sunbeam to shade. Rolling textures intertwine, creating a space that feels soft, safe, free.

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